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Christmas at Santa's Shop



Christmas at Santa's Shop



Christmas at Santa's Shop




  Christmas Thank You

Each year Servantís Heart of Indy partners with sponsors to reach out to our families at Christmas. God used us in a mighty way to touch 212 families and bless  515 children with Christmas gifts under their trees. On the day the gifts were distributed, recipients were given an opportunity to write a 'thank you' note to their sponsor. Following is a sampling of their notes of gratitude written in their own words:

  • I want to take time to thank you for not only Christmas help but everything you do! We donít have family to help us in our hard times, but we know we have the help we need here!
    Family 335

  • To all the kindhearted people, the gift purchasers, gift wrappers, all those who helped me to make sure my 2 grandchildren had a little Christmas. And the ham was yummy delicious for our Christmas Day dinner.  The books were an added treat. The wooden handmade toys (and made from the  heart ) were such a wonderful treat for my grandson and granddaughter who are 12 yrs and 13 yrs old. They were appreciative of everything they received. And I and my daughter are so grateful to all of the people who gave our family (Hope) during this Christmas.  May God our Father bless you all. Thank you all for your generous kind hearts.
    Family 215

  • Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. Iím a single mom of 2 handsome sons. I work full time. I go to school part-time. Iím an active member in my church. Your help this Christmas truly meant the world to us. I recently accepted an offer for a new job that I start on January 11th along with a high pay increase. I will be paying it forward this coming Christmas. It is my prayer that God blesses you beyond your wildest dreams. You work has not been done in vain. Thank you. Thank you Thank you. Iím praying for you.
    Family 129

  • I want to thank you for the Christmas gifts. All of my clothes fit. I had a real nice Christmas. I would not have been able to have a nice Christmas without your help. Thank you very much.
    Family 210

  • Thank you for the nice gifts. We appreciate everything. Kids enjoyed the toys and clothes. May God bless you back.
    Family 315

  • Thank you so much for all the help this year. We are so grateful.
    Family 327

  • Thank You!
    From Justisse & Amiah.
    Family 329 (Drawing sent from kids)


  • Well once again your sponsors and volunteers worked and came up with a magical Christmas for our family. Wonderful gifts and clothes and toys. May God bless all of you without your help and thoughtulness we would have hardly anything at all.
    Family 339

  • This message is to all who had the involvement with God and Servantís Heart to make a blessed Christmas for 3 of my grandchildren. Iím sure the kids will want to send a picture or note saying thank you. Being a single disabled grandmother is a challenge rearing grandchildren ages 6,6, and 5. With God Iím doing better than I thought. (Phillipians 4:13-14) Thank you so much I love seeing these kids smiling and happy. Jesus brightens their eyes and opens their little hearts, without him we surely be lost.
    Family 352

  • Dear Family-I wanted to thank you for your help at this time of year. It means so much that you cared enough to help when I couldnít. And I know your help will make two children very happy this Christmas with the clothes and toys. I know they will both love and play with them for many hours to come. My daughter and I appreciate all the help that God has touched your hearts to help with he has send us some real angels this year.
    Family 359

  • Thank you!
    Family 362 (Drawing of hearts and trees sent by kids)

  • Thank you for all your help. Bella loved ďPumkinĒ the dog and plays basketball in the hallway every day. Thank you for you and your families generosity. Happy New Year.
    Family 374

  • Thank you for the Christmas gifts. My kids and grandkid were very excited including myself. As was said by my youngest boy-ďI know there is a Santa because my Gramma doesnít have any money Ďcept for food and bills.Ē Sigh of relief thanks to you all!
    Family 388

  • Thank you for your generous Christmas spirit. As these gifts will be from Santa, also known as God in disguise, in our house. (As all is God and God is all.) I wonít be telling them directly of your involvement, but I am sending prayers of gratitude your way.
    Santa Shop Family

  • Thank you so much for blessing our family with a great Christmas.
    Santa Shop Family

  • Thank you so very much for the Christmas help you gave me. It meant a lot to us. Again, thank you.
    Santa Shop Family

  • Thank you for all the help and Godís blessings you have brought to us. We truly appreciate all that you have done for us and many other people. God bless all the staff, volunteers and sponsors.
    Family 220

  • Thank you so much. My children really enjoy the gifts. It was a blessing. Thank you for being here for my family and so many others.
    Family 380

  • Thank you very much for the wonderful gifts you got for my daughter. She was very excited when she open her gifts. We are enjoying doing the arts and crafts together. Thank you again for making her Christmas a great one and everything you did to make that come true.
    Family 207

  • I want to say thank you guys very much. You made our familyís Christmas much brighter.
    Family 377

    Thank you for all you have gave me. I love it. Thank you. I had a special Christmas this year. God bless you/Thank you very much for all the amazing presents. I am very grateful for you guys giving me presents for the last 12 years. Without you guys I wouldnít have most of the toys I have today. You guys made my childhood. Thank you soooo much and may God bless you/Thanks to our sponsor for making this possible. God bless you/ Muchas gracias.
    Family 372

  • I can not tell you how thankful our family is for what you have done for us this Christmas. My kids loved the toys and we really appreciate the clothing also! We are glad there are people like you that are willing to help others. Itís not about the presents, the feelings of compassion for other less fortunate made our days better. No matter how much money someone makes, it takes a true caring heart to want to share their wealth. Thank you again for making our Christmas this year.
    Family 355

    Dear Santa Helpers from Servantís Heart of Indy, We want for you all to know that me and all my family are grateful to have people like you around us and I thank God for you all and all the help you give to families like us. I love all my presents, my new pajamas, socks, etc. I want you to know that every night I go to sleep I pray for all of you and your family to have good health and food on the table. Thank you thatís all I can say and God bless you all.
    Family 371  (Artwork from kids was included.)










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